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Vulcan XM603 Nose Lift

Part 1

Part 2

Using a correct 20 ton bottle jack loaned to us by Lomas of Birch Vale (many thanks), we attained her correct height position and 603 then released water from her rear engine exhausts (one reason for lifting her). We then inserted concrete flags under the nose wheels to level her position in line with the rear wheels (the ground surface rises to her rear).

We also exposed most of the nose wheel Oleo ready for the 655 teams visit, and then settled her wheels in new second height position…All looking good for team 655's visit.

Part 3

Tuesday November 13th 2018 saw the end game of restoring 603's nose wheel to the correct height, from 70” ground to front of bomb Aimers window, up to 90”, 655's current and correct position, mission accomplished.

Thanks to the whole team involved from the Museum, XM655 & Lomas of Birch Vale!

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