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Take to the skies in a Woodford Legend!


The original flight simulator was on a single desk using a Microsoft 2004 software with a combined joystick and throttle.

In 2018 a couple of members and student members, developed the present simulator by upgrading the software to the Microsoft FSX; by adding an additional table it allowed dual controls. A more realistic look to the simulator was achieved with the addition of an aircraft seat, sourced from an actual aircraft, a flight control yoke, rudder pedals and throttle quadrant.

The objective is that through education it gives the visiting public the chance of experiencing simulated flight and receiving instruction about the principals of flight and the relevant control surfaces that operate and control the aircraft. One of the main objectives was to give visitors needing wheelchair access and have mobility issues access to the simulator, this is achieved by the removal of the instructor’s chair and the use of the combined joystick and throttle.

The simulator is able to give an educational and enjoyable experience to all age groups with a little bit of fun as well. Further development of the simulator for future years is a key point in customer experience.

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