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Museum Archive


The Avro Heritage Museum boasts an extensive archive, which is constantly expanding and is managed by a dedicated team of archivists.

The archive catalogues form a record from the early Avro years through to the present day, including the Hawker Siddeley, British Aerospace, and BAE Systems periods.


The Museum's pictorial records include photographs, negatives, slides and video footage. The archive also has a vast collection of aircraft drawings and plans, maintenance manuals, site drawings, and admin records.


The Museum's archive also boasts a reading room and library. Several different in-house magazines, written by and for Avro employees, are kept in the library and can be viewed on-site by making an appointment. They include the popular Avro News, which dates back to 1951.

Members of the public can arrange to visit the archive on Tuesdays and Thursdays by making an advance appointment with the Museum.

Please use the contact form or phone the Museum on 01625 877 534 if you have an enquiry about the archive or would like to make an appointment.

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