"The most beautifully horrible sight I've ever seen"
Wynford Vaughan-Thomas
September 1943
VR WWII Bombing Raid Experience
Genuine BBC wartime commentary
14 minutes of nerve-wracking action
No booking required - first come basis
Price: FREE
Minimum age: 13 years

In September 1943, the BBC made one of the most daring and ambitious reports of World War II.


War correspondent Wynford Vaughan-Thomas and his sound engineer boarded Avro Lancaster 'F for Freddie' and stepped into a world where life hung in the balance.


Their destination: Berlin.

Using Vaughan-Thomas' original recording, the BBC has masterfully recreated this wartime raid as a fully immersive Virtual Reality Experience.

Visitors are transported back through history inside an Avro Lancaster bomber to experience the tension and drama of a wartime bombing raid.

Endure the danger of flak and night fighter attacks on a journey to the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe. Marvel at the bravery shown by the airmen of Bomber Command and above all, respect the ultimate sacrifice many of these young men made for our freedom......