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Thursday 23rd February 2023
1.30 - 4.30pm

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A talk and presentation by Jerry Ward followed by Q & A.

With a viewing of the acclaimed film
'Lancaster - Above and Beyond'.

Light buffet refreshments included.

Tickets: £25


Jerry Ward is a pilot with an extraordinary tale to tell.  With a career stretching over 32 years covering military and civil flying, a logbook crammed with cold war bombers and long haul airliners, roles from fighter pilot to co-pilot on the BBMF Lancaster, Jerry has seen enough stunts and wheezes in his early career alone to entertain any aviation enthusiast with his unique non stop banter.  But, when an amazingly unlucky accident left him paralysed from the neck down, his injuries, which would have left most people absolutely grounded, were only the starting point of his fight to rebuild his own life and to help improve the  lives of others who have been paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury;  Jerry’s story moves  from entertaining to inspirational.

Jerry retains a passion for the Lancaster and will talk to anyone and everybody about his experience on the aircraft at the BBMF. John Dibbs, Director and Producer of Aerial Photography on the acclained film "LANCASTER - above and beyone" has learnt much from Jerry's expertise on the BBMF Lanc and with his kind permission, we are able to present a private viewing of the film after hearing Jerry's amazing story.


Aspire is a charity dedicated to helping those with spinal cord injury live as independently as possible, if necessary with the aid of assistive technology.  They provided Jerry with huge support so that he can access his computer, the Internet etc without any assistance from his PA/carer.  Jerry has been an after-dinner speaker for Aspire at their sports quiz dinner in Manchester and London in 2015/17. 


For more information about Aspire, please visit

Moneys raised at this event will be donated to ASPIRE and to AVRO Heritage Museum.

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