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Sunday 11th June at 5pm

Poynton Workmen's Club

The Museum is proud to have been asked to host the launch of the "Attack on Sorpe Dam" film. As we are expecting more attendees than we can host in our Lancaster Room the film will be shown at Poynton Workmens Club.

"Attack on Sorpe Dam" is based on a true story of an event set within the context of the RAF bomber offensive on Germany, during the Second World War. The film features a first-hand account from the perspective of George “Johnny” Johnson, a young 21 year old RAF 617 Squadron bomb aimer of what it was like to take part in the May 1943 Dambusters raid.

The story follows Johnny and his aircrew from March 1943, on joining a newly formed squadron, for a top secret, special operation that has the potential to shorten the war in Europe. Johnny describes the dangerous low flying training and events leading up to the operational briefing on May 16th 1943. Johnny and his crew finally discover what they are expected to do and are presented with what seems like an impossible task. They are to fly at 100 feet in a four engine Lancaster bomber at night, over many miles of occupied enemy territory. On reaching the target, they need to drop a new weapon that has never before been tried operationally, with pin-point accuracy and in a way they had not practiced and then make their way back home safely. Nothing like this had ever been attempted.

More information about the film is available on the film website at :-

The trailer is available at:

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