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With the war clouds gathering, the Air Ministry approached Avro early in 1939 to request that they expand their premises. The Company chose Yeadon Aerodrome in Yorkshire and construction work began on the new factory later that year.

The facility was designed so that a large part of the factory was underground. The flat roof was merged into the landscape and dummy farm animals were added to complete the look! A causeway was built from the factory so that completed aircraft could be towed to the airfield for test flying and eventual delivery.

Avro production commenced with the Anson in 1941 and the construction of Lancasters began a year later. By January 1942, twelve Ansons were rolling off the production lines every week in an impressive display of efficiency. When hostilities ceased, the total number of aircraft produced at Yeadon included 3,957 Ansons and 608 Lancasters.

A small number of Ansons, Lancasters, Lincolns and Yorks continued to be produced at Yeadon after the war had ended. The build programme was gradually run down until Avro ended its tenure at Yeadon in November 1946


Lancaster final assembly, 1944

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