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Vickers VC10 C1K XV106 Cockpit

PRICE: £2 per person *

DURATION: 20 minutes

BOOKING: on arrival **

* Friends receive 50% discount.

** No advance booking available.

Aircraft history

The Vickers VC10 was an extremely versatile aircraft and was the last British designed and built long-range airliner. Its performance was impressive and, until recently. the VC10 held the record for the fastest sub-sonic crossing of the Atlantic by an airliner.

The VC10 was used by both the RAF and a number of commercial airline companies until its retirement in 2013. It performed a variety of duties for the RAF including trooping flights, cargo transportation, medical evacuation, VIP transport, and acting as an airborne tanker.

The Design Team at Woodford took over the Design Authority of the VC10 with other Vickers products in 1986. The cockpit of VC10 XV106 has kindly been loaned to the Museum by GJD Services, Bruntingthorpe. During its years of service with the RAF, XV106 carried many VIPs including the Queen and Margaret Thatcher.

The cockpit is an outdoor exhibit and is open to the public for guided tours.



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