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Avro Lancaster 'S Sugar'
Replica Cockpit

PRICE: £2 per person *

DURATION: 20 minutes

BOOKING: on arrival **

* Friends receive 50% discount.

** No advance booking available.

Aircraft history

Sugar is the nickname of Avro Lancaster PO-S R5868, one of only 35 Lancasters which completed over 100 sorties during World War II. Built in 1942 by Metropolitan-Vickers at Trafford Park and assembled at Woodford, Sugar took part in many daring raids including the bombing of German coastal defences on D-Day. The aircraft was the first to bring home British POWs and also participated in Operation Manna (when allied aircraft dropped food parcels over Europe).

The front fuselage of Sugar, which is on display at the Museum, is an accurate replica of a Lancaster bomber. It was built by Martin Willoughby and all of the equipment contained within is genuine Lancaster instrumentation, which has been painstakingly collected over many years. Martin's father, Ted Willoughby, looked after Sugar during the war as a ground engineer and painted the Hermann Göring quote 'No enemy plane will fly over Reich territory' as the aircraft approached its 100th mission.

Martin built the replica in memory of his father and to commemorate the 55,573 airmen who were killed whilst serving in Bomber Command. The Avro Heritage Museum is now the proud owner of Sugar, which is on display in the main hall and is open to the public for cockpit tours.



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