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The Roe III Triplanes

[Monochrome photograph of the 3rd Roe III Triplane built at Blackpool in August 1910]

In May 1910, A. V. Roe next designed and built a larger two seater powered by a 35 hp (26 kW) JAP V8 air-cooled engine. This was his most successful machine to date and he gained his Aviators Certificate No 18 on it. It was quickly followed by a second, powered by his old 35 hp. Green.

Disastrously, both these triplanes were destroyed en-route to the Blackpool Air Show of August 1910. However, Alliott managed to build a replacement machine at the showground in just 4 days and nights. This subsequently proved to be his best performing aeroplane to-date.

Roe IV Triplanes

[Monochrome photograph of the last Roe Triplane at Brooklands early in 1911]

The final triplane variant appeared in October 1910 powered by a 35 hp (26 kW) J.A.P air-cooled engine. The pilot's seat was moved forward as was the engine so that they effectively balanced about the centre of lift of the wings whilst the tailplane became a triangular non-lifting monoplane structure. The aeroplane was used for instruction at the new Avro Flying School.

The last Triplane delivered in December 1910 was similar to the former but lateral control reverted to wing warping. This was used for testing an Empress engine before finally being fitted with a 35 hp. Green engine for training school use.

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