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Avro Type F

[Monochrome photograph of the Type F]

The Type F machine was a complete departure from previous Avro designs. When erected at Brooklands in April 1912 it was seen to be a small monoplane powered by the 35 hp (26 kW) Viale engine, taken from the 6th Type D. The most striking feature was however the fuselage, which had been built with sufficient depth for the pilot to be completely enclosed within its confines thus protecting him from the elements, while celluloid panels in the floor, roof and sides gave a good view in all directions except forward. Unfortunately it proved to be difficult to fly.

Avro Type G

[Monochrome photograph of the Type G]

Designed specifically for the Military Aeroplane Competition of August 1912, the Type G was essentially a Type E machine with the fuselage redesigned to provide a totally enclosed cabin for the two crew members. It was powered by a 60hp (45 kW) water cooled Green engine.Unfortunately, the Type G was not completed in time to be test flown and so it was sent directly to the competition site at Larkhill. Wiltshire, where Lieutenant Parke carried out initial flight testing.

The first of the trials was for speed of erection which the Avro won with a time of 14.5 minutes but overall it was unsuccessful due to its poor visibility for reconnaissance, however it was awarded a consolation prize of £100 for completing all the trials.

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