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Avro 510

[Monochrome photograph of the Avro 510 prototype at Calshot, Southampton Water, August 1914]

The Avro 510 was a new two seat floatplane powered by a 150 hp. (112 KW.) Sunbeam 8 cylinder water-cooled engine designed to take part in the 1914 Circuit of Britain Seaplane race.

It was delivered to Calshot for erection and testing in early August 1914, just before the start of the First World War. The race was cancelled with the outbreak of the War but the flight testing was completed and the prototype was bought by the Navy.

An additional five 510 seaplanes were immediately ordered by the RNAS and these were delivered between December 1914 and April 1915. Unfortunately, the machines were underpowered and, as they could only take off water whilst being flown solo, they had little use.

[Monochrome photograph of one of the 5 Avro 510 production machines in RNAS service.]

Avro 511 Scout

[Monochrome photograph of the prototype Avro 511 Scout powered by an 80 hp. (60 KW) Gnome rotary engine at Hendon, May 22, 1914]

Development of the machine appears to have been abandoned when the company was inundated with orders for the Avro 504 at the outbreak of War.

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