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Sir Edwin Alliott Verdon-Roe O.B.E, Hon. F.R.A.e.S., F.I.A.S (born 26th April 1877 died 4th January 1958).

Born Edwin Alliott Roe, at Patricroft in Manchester. His father, Dr Edwin Hodgson Roe VD. MRCS, LRCP, was a surgeon and his mother was Anne Sophia Verdon Roe.

He had three brothers and three sisters.

Edith Everard Roe born 1873 died 21st April 1879

Dr Spencer Verdon Roe born 21st February 1874 died 7th August 1941 married Hylda Scoby

Elsie Verdon Roe born 10th March 1876 died 18th November 1944 married the Reverend Claude Paterson

Edwin Alliott Verdon Roe born 26th April 1877 died 4th January 1958 married Mildred Elizabeth Kirk

Humphrey Verdon Roe born 18th April 1878 died 27th July 1949 married Dr Marie Stopes Roe

Rev. Everard Roe born 20th February 1880 died 1970 (later called Verdon) married Dora Walker

Dorothy Roe born 20th Feb 1880 died April 1964 married Arthur Perfect

[Monochrome photograph showing Humphrey, Spencer and Alliot standing, Dr Roe, Anne Sophia and Elsie seated in front of them and Dorothy and Everard sat on the ground.]

Extracts from Alliott's history:

Humphrey, Spencer, and Alliott Dr. Roc, Anne Sophie, Elsie Dorothy and Everard.

In 1885 Alliott started preparatory School at Haliford House, Brooklands in Surrey, with younger brother Humphrey.

It was his ambition to be an engineer when he left St Pauls school, which he did when he was 14 years of age in 1892.

For a short period of time he travelled to Canada. He had been offered training as a surveyor but unfortunately, there was a recession. He took on a number of jobs to make enough money to return to England.

On his return in 1893 he went to work, as an apprentice for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, an engineering company in Horwich, Lancashire. He served a five year apprenticeship learning Engineering and in his spare time developed as a racing cyclist. He was one of the first to race with the new pneumatic tyres.

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