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XM603 Refurbishment Complete

On Tuesday 25th October 2016 the Museum held a VIP Event to celebrate the completion of the refurbishment. A few pictures of the event follow.

For a quick review of the whole event in 3 minutes go to :- Complete refurb video

Please click here for the full story.

Leon Howard from Warmco cuts the ribbon. Warmco sponsored the scaffolding and covering.

The volunteers without whom it would not have been possible.

Uncovering the nose - the one person not in a blue T shirt is Tony Blackman.

Vulcan pilots from left to right:

Martin Withers - Pilot of XM607 on the first Black Buck Raid & Chief Pilot on XH558

Robbie Robinson - Former Chief Test Pilot

Sir Charles Masefield - Former Chief Test Pilot, General Manager of Woodford and President of BAE Systems. He flew XM603 into Woodford on its last flight

Tony Blackman - Former Chief Test Pilot. Tony carried out the first flight of XM603

Tucker Wennell - ex RAF Vulcan Pilot and Trustee of the Museum

Al McDicken - ex ETPS Test Pilot & Chief Test Pilot & XH558 Pilot

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