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WK118 is home!

The Museum is proud to announce that we have purchased the nose section of Woodford built Canberra TT18 (Originally a B2 converted to TT18 when the B2s were effectively outdated). She was moved today (Friday June 3rd) from the private museum of John Hancocks to Woodford where she joins the complete Vulcan XM603 (Currently covered by scaffolding while being refurbished) and nose section of XM602. They will eventually be joined by VC10 C1K XV106 nose section.

The picture shows John Hancocks and his wife with Trustees Richard Jones & Terry Barnes in front of WK118 in her home for the last few years.

This picture is handover by Dave Thomas from Bruntingthorpe who transported her to Woodford. Trustee Richard Jones is the one on the left with the big smile.

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