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Visit from Sir Charles

On July 5th we were in for a treat indeed as Sir Charles Masefield who some of you may know, flew in our Vulcan XM603 on the 14th March 1982 came to visit.

Sir Charles officially opened our museum on the 8th October last year but came today to see how progress was being made on the restoration of XM603.

Guided around by our museum president Harry Holmes and Project Manager, Dave Pierce, Sir Charles was visibly excited and very proud of the efforts made so far.

To finish, Sir Charles took part in a photo opportunity on the port side wing with volunteers who were there this morning along with some of our members and trustees. 

Following the visit we received this message :-

Dear Harry,

It was great to see you last week and am delighted to find you looking so well.

I am thrilled at the continued and spectacular development of the Avro Museum which has already greatly exceeded the dream that you and I had all those years ago – it is a magnificent achievement for which you deserve massive credit. We all owe you a great debt of gratitude Harry.

Equally exciting is that the Museum will now keep developing from strength to strength with the arrival of the Nimrod forward fuselage, the Canberra cockpit coming inside and the completion of the repainting of XM603.

One of the things that delights me most of all is to see, and meet again, so many old friends who are so enthusiastically volunteering their own time to make the Museum such a success. It is great to see everyone enjoying so much their time spent together with such great team spirit. For the Museum to be providing such a satisfying challenge, purpose and team spirit for people in retirement is wonderful.

I much look forward to seeing you on my next visit – I will certainly be up again once the Nimrod fuselage arrives.

Best wishes


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