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Sugar an update

We were very excited to welcome our latest exhibit S for Sugar at the end of October & she was immediately installed in pride of place in the Museum Hall. The Lancaster cockpit section is on loan from Martin Willoughby. Martin has built this replica of Avro Lancaster R5868 S-Sugar as a tribute to his father, who served on this aircraft as ground crew. It is completely authentic and the only Lancaster in the world which offers regular cockpit tours to the public. The original aircraft is now on show at RAF Museum Hendon.

Tours have been running since the turn of the year and are very popular.

When we welcomed S for Sugar we always knew that she would be needed elsewhere occasionally. We now have the second of two dates when she is away from the Museum (after Cosford in June).

September 13th-18th – she will be in Manchester Town Centre, again as part of the RAF100 celebrations. She was removed from the Display Hall on Monday 10th and will be moved to Manchester on Tuesday 11th. If you’re in Hazel Grove/Poynton area Tuesday morning you may see her on the A6 and she will be posing for photos in Picadilly later.

Museum volunteers should be there next to her (she will be chaperoned by Martin Willoughby’s team). Come along and say hello.

Note that all our aircraft cockpits (VC10 XV106, Vulcan XM602, Lancaster & soon to be open Nimrod XV235) are not guaranteed to be open every public day. We’re very dependent on volunteers to man the exhibits, the weather impacts the exterior exhibits and on occasion we may not open certain aircraft all day. XM602 should always be open and we aim to have one of the VC10 or Lancaster open as well. If you have a specific desire to visit a particular aircraft please get in touch before visiting.

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