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Roadworks for New Entrance

A page has been added with details of the roadworks for the new entrances to the site. These will be ongoing until April 2016. Access to the Museum is via the smaller entrance on the left hand side of  the map. Any traffic lights should normally only impact approach from Bramhall/Poynton direction but they may sometimes affect the Wilmslow approach as well.

Please allow a few extra minutes for your journey and any major impacts to site access will be updated here.

Update from Woodford Community Website “As from 11th January 2016 the main stage of the works will commence, which will require the use of two-way signals for a period of 8 weeks, due to end on 4th March 2016”.

The entrance to use for the Museum is at the moment in the space between the traffic lights – please take care.

Information correct as at 12/01/2016

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