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Chadderton 80th Anniversary Celebrations

The Avro Heritage Museum marked the 80th Anniversary of the opening of the Avro production factory at Greengate, Chadderton, Oldham on 3rd September 2019 with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

This was performed by former Avro Chief Test Pilot, Sir Charles Masefield in front of a specially invited audience of former Chadderton employees.

During World War 2, the workforce of the Chadderton factory produced 3,032 Lancaster Bomber aircraft for RAF Bomber Command which were all transported, by road, to Woodford Aerodrome for final assembly, testing and delivery.

As a part of this commemoration, Avro Heritage Museum used their Lancaster bomber replica, 'S for Sugar', to re-enact the same war time journey taken by the Lancaster aircraft. It followed the same route, as far as was possible, through Central Manchester and Stockport.

This film shows the re-enacted journey from the site of the Avro Chadderton factory to the Avro Heritage Museum at the former Woodford Aerodrome.

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