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Avro Heritage Museum

The new Heritage Museum at the former Woodford aerodrome has just been completed and handed over to the Avro Heritage Trust. Built by Conlon Construction and designed by Cassidy and Ashton, the project has been funded by BAE Systems.

The building, now with Museum status, has been designed to replace the popular Avro Heritage Centre after the well publicised sale of the airfield saw the need for a new location. As BAE SYSTEMS regarded the Centre as a benchmark for such stablishments it was decided to keep Avro’s proud history at Woodford, the scene of many of the Company’s aviation achievements.

The Museum has an extensive collection of memorabilia, artefacts, models and photographs dating back to the pioneering days of aviation. The extensive exhibition gallery is dominated by a large mural of Lancasters in production. On display outside of the Museum is one of the famous Avro Vulcan delta-winged bombers, while inside is the complete nose and cockpit section of a Vulcan which will allow visitors to sample the controls for themselves.

The building, including a fine well filled shop, excellent café, conference room, library and all modern amenities will provide visitor enjoyment for both young and old alike. With full facilities for the disabled including a lift to the upper floor and ample parking for car and coach traffic. The large garden will provide an ideal picnic area for visitors to enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

Opening early in September, the Museum looks forward to greeting friends old and new to this exciting insight into aviation’s remarkable history.

For any further information please contact:-

Harry Holmes on 0161-643-7159 or

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