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Vulcan XM603 5(1).jpg
Avro Vulcan B2 XM603

Aircraft history

Standing proudly outside the Museum is Avro Vulcan XM603, the only Vulcan in the world to be preserved in the anti-flash white paint scheme.

Rolling off the production line at Woodford in 1963, XM603 formed part of the V-Force, Britain's airborne nuclear deterrent during the Cold War. It was retired in 1982 and flown back to Woodford on 12th March by Charles Masefield (later Sir Charles). XM603 has racked up 5,733 flying hours, which included trips to the Far East, Canada, and Cyprus.

XM603 was repainted in its original anti-flash white paint scheme soon after its final flight. The aircraft was lovingly maintained at Woodford by the XM603 Club and included engine runs and the installation of a new rudder.

Work to refurbish XM603 was completed in 2016 and the aircraft now looks exactly as it would have done when it rolled out of the Woodford Flight Sheds in 1963. Work on the aircraft continues with the refurbishment of its cockpit, which the Museum is planning to open to visitors in the future.



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