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Vulcan XM602 cockpit 2.jpg
Avro Vulcan XM602 Cockpit

PRICE: £2 per person *

DURATION: 20 minutes

BOOKING: on arrival **

* Friends receive 50% discount.

** No advance booking available.

Aircraft history

Avro Vulcan XM602 rolled off the production line at Woodford in 1963 and served in the RAF as part of the V-Force, Britain's airbourne nuclear deterrent during the Cold War.


The aircraft spent time based at Coningsby, Cottesmore and Waddington, travelling extensively to British and American bases across the globe. In 1971, XM602 participated in 'Giant Voice', a USAF Strategic Air Command bombing competition.


The aircraft was retired in 1982 and the Avro Heritage Centre (as the Museum was then known) recovered the nose section when it was scrapped at St Athan in 1993.


XM602 is preserved in the later camouflage paint scheme adopted by the Vulcan when it converted to low-level bombing tactics.


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