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Alexandra Park


In 1917, the War Department decided to open a second purpose-built aerodrome in the Manchester area. The purpose of the new facility would be for the test flying of aeroplanes built in the Manchester area for the RAF. A suitable site was found in Didsbury, which had good railway links to the nearby Avro works at Newton Heath and National Aircraft Factory No.2 at Heaton Chapel.

Alexandra Park became operational in May 1918 and Avro started renting a hangar for the delivery and test flying of aircraft. Aeroplanes were transported by rail or road in sections to Alexandra Park and assembled on site.

Avro diversified after the First World War and formed the Avro Transport Company, which offered pleasure flights to the public. In May 1919, the Company started to operate the first scheduled domestic air service in Britain. It ran from Alexandra Park to Blackpool via Southport and used modified Avro 504 three-seater biplanes.

Alexandra Park closed to air traffic on 24th August 1924 and it was this which prompted Avro's move to Woodford in the same year.
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