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Roe I Triplane Replica

Aircraft history

Alliott Verdon-Roe was the first man to design, build and fly an all-British aeroplane when he flew the Roe I Triplane at Lea Marshes, Walthamstow, on 13th July 1909. Powered by a 9hp JAP motorbike engine, and funded by his brother Humphrey, the triplane went on to make several successful flights throughout the summer. It was a remarkable achievement considering that A.V. Roe had to learn how to fly as soon as the machine's wheels left the ground!


The replica was built by some of the Museum's members and the project was sponsored by Eric Verdon-Roe, the grandson of A.V. Roe. It features a genuine JAP engine and the aircraft was built for flight which sadly it never achieved. The replica had to be strengthened to comply with CAA regulations and the extra weight prevented it from leaving the ground.


The fuselage is currently on display in the exhibition hall and the missing portions of wing will be installed when more space becomes available. The Museum is extremely grateful to Eric Verdon-Roe for the loan of this aircraft.


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