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VIP Opening

Today was the formal VIP opening. The Guest of Honour was Sir Charles Masefield who delivered an entertaining speech about his history at Chadderton and performing his final landing when delivering XM603 to Woodford.

At 11:45 the Anson was spot on time and after that the Large Model Association entertained guests with a spirited display of some of their aircraft.

George Jenks presents Sir Charles with a framed photo of his final landing in XM603. Courtesy of Charlie Sheridan.

Anson G-AHKX. Purchased from Strathallan Collection Auction, refurbished by Chadderton apprentices and now safe and comfortable at Shuttleworth. Courtesy of Ray Reeder.

VTTS execs looking for next project! Courtesy of Ray Reeder.

LMA Lancaster with XM603. Courtesy of Ray Reeder.


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