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Avro 748

Aircraft history

The Avro 748 is a medium-sized commercial airliner and is the last aircraft to be built by Avro before the company merged with Hawker Siddeley in 1963. The reliable and efficient performance of the 748 resulted in strong sales throughout the world, with the RAF ordering a military variant (known as the 780 Andover). A VIP variant of the 748 was developed and this was sold to 16 heads of state (including the Queen). A small number of 748s are still flying today.

The Avro 748 cockpit on display at the Museum was part of an aircraft which made its first flight from Woodford in 1977. The aeroplane was delivered to Trinidad & Tobago Air Services on 23rd December 1977 and entered service on the island routes just five days later. In 1999 the aircraft was purchased by Emerald Airways Ltd. and returned to Woodford for repainting. It was given the name 'The Paper Plane' as it delivered newspapers from Liverpool to Belfast until its retirement in 2009.

The cockpit is on display in the main hall and is free to access. The inside of the fuselage is visible to show visitors how an aircraft is constructed. The floor has also been opened up with the captain's seat removed to show all the workings. Although there is no access to the co-pilot's seat, visitors can get up close.


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